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Bensena Cacao Products LLC

We at Bensena Cacao Products LLC have the perfect amalgamation of creativity and quality in your otherwise ordinary cocoa powder. And that itself cannot be ruled out just with our description. If you really wish to know the secret behind the very organic, richly brewed and the finest cocoa powder in town, mark your calendars and set your mind to visit us as soon as possible. Because we are waiting to get your ordinary cocoa a new makeover. And as soon as you enter, the aroma of cocoa will leave you short for words!

As Americans, our work-life is already stressful, a daily dose of coffee only adds stress to the vascular system putting the body in a false fight or flight mode which increases Blood Pressure. Hot Cocoa and cocoa products relieves stress. Unlike coffee, which can cause heart palpitations and elevate blood pressure and stress, Cocoa reduces stress and strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. Bensena Cacao seeks to promote consumption of Natural Cocoa powder especially in the adult populace to enhance a better Cardiovascular health.


About The Owner

“The COVID-19 Pandemic shifted a lot of economic and financial tectonic plates. For some companies, it was a time to consider shifting the operational paradigm but for individuals it was how long their savings was going to sustain the family or whether their jobs were still guaranteed.

In my case, my employer had already laid-off a substantial number of employees and as a Safety Professional in a 3-man Department, I became the target of decision. I was assigned to the machine maintenance department to be ordering parts and keeping inventory. I had a bachelor’s degree, Certifications, 5-year experience and reading a graduate program. The choice, therefore, was between packing my files and saying goodbye to my employer or swallowing my pride and do my best. 

For a family man, the latter was the choice, it was a very frustrating situation for 5 months, but it was during this time that my entrepreneurial adventure began, and this is where I am, owning my own business. As you read this, I want to encourage you to never underrate your abilities, you are more powerful and creative than you can imagine, just go into action and you will see what you can do.”

- CJ
  • “Their cocoa is just what I needed. Instantly fell in love with its taste”


    Ava Johnson

  • “How much love they have poured in the cocoa’s contents is what the outcome entails. Really the best cocoa in town”


    John Adams

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