Organic Cacao Powder

Cocoa Powder: its long forgotten history

Cocoa powder has come to occupy an important constituent in our everyday lives. While it is enjoyed by billions of people around the world, surprisingly its history remains untouched or yet untraced. Cocoa was, in fact, not the product of just one culture. It appeared in many different cultures since the beginning of civilization. Initially, it grew as a crop in many South American cultures and this provided a base for its future development as a multi-purposeful ingredient.

Your favorite Chocolate which you cannot seem to part with , is essentially made from cocoa powder extract. In earlier times, ‘chocolate’ was derived from two components-‘ chocolatl’ which translated to hot water and ‘cacahuatl’ which was actually a bitter beverage mixed with cocoa that was consumed during religious ceremonies. Thereafter, Cocoa became so significant in the local cultures that it soon passed off as a trade with the neighboring communities.

Thus, Cocoa passed through many cultures from the Spanish Conquest to the Industrial Revolution towards finally the modern epoch, where its exclusivity was distinguished by its multiple benefits and uses both as an ingredient and as a crop. Cocoa powder became more affordable and easy to produce after the Industrial Revolution which added considerable advantage over its distribution across parts of the world.

Cocoa’s evolution over the centuries has remained largely confined to its scope and breadth. However, there is one aspect to it that has yet remain unchanged. And that it continues to attract people worldwide. Testament to this fact stands grounded as over 4.5 millions tons of cocoa is consumed annually across the globe, in almost everyday use from drinks to candy bars.

One would eventually go on to say that the pioneers behind the Cocoa powder would never have imagined its popularity  that cocoa espoused  in today’s world.

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Organic Cacao Powder

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